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Agape Bihar May Update

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Exciting news from Victor that so many people are hearing the gospel and accepting Jesus as their one and only Savior, that Victor and the other pastors are having a hard time keeping up with the baptisms and training!  That is a great problem to have!!  So many of the new believers say that now that they know the Truth, they have to tell others.  They are begging for training so that they can become evangelists themselves.  They say that they will work and raise the money to cover their own evangelism costs, if they can just be trained to take the gospel message to others.  Wow!  I wish we had that same problem here in the US!
The women are sewing the new women’s monthly necessity kits as quickly as they receive materials to make more.  With each sharing of a kit, comes sharing of the gospel message as well.  Women are being saved eternally and blessed physically.  What an awesome God we serve!  
Construction is underway for one of the three houses that were destroyed during last year’s monsoon.  We have financing for two of these homes, praise Jesus, and are continuing to pray for the last $1000 for the last house.  Hopefully all three will be completed before August which is the next monsoon season. 
We are blessed to have the opportunity to bring “Shoes that grow with you” on our next trip.  These shoes are made of top quality materials and adjust up to 5 sizes and will last appoximately 5 years!  These shoes are $15 a pair if you would like to purchase a pair for a child in India.  We will be providing the first 18 pairs to our Aimee’s Kids. 
We also have been blessed to find out that a local lady in the Myrtle Beach area makes dresses for children in third world countries out of pillow cases and t-shirts.  We will be taking donations of new or used, unsoiled and not torn pillowcases and 100% cotton t-shirts for these dresses.  If you would like to donate either of these items, please bring them to Cindy, Becky, or Peggy.  
Our other immediate needs are as follows:
Victor’s family – additional $200 per month.  Currently they eat rice 3 meals per day, bread and a vegetable once, and chicken on Saturdays.  We would like to keep them well nourished with fruits and meat every day!
Aimee’s Kids  – additional $200 per month at least.  Their diet is about the same as Victor’s family. 
Sewing Seeds of Hope – additional $200 per month.  The more funding they have to buy materials, the more kits they can distribute free and also share the gospel each time.
Agape Bihar – $100 for a Lifestream.  This device brings up a wifi connection and links presenting the Jesus film and the Bible in Hindi to any smart phone in the vicinity of this unit when it is activated.  
Thank you for all who support Agape Bihar through your faithful prayers and through your giving.  For those who give monthly, please have your donations in by Sunday, May 27.  May the Lord continue to bring many souls in Bihar into His Kingdom!
Blessings in Christ, 

Agape Bihar March 2018 Update

Category : India

We have just returned from India and had a wonderful trip! It was so great to visit with Victor and his family again. We were blessed by a surprise visit by Ashish (one of the Aimee’s Kids) and Sudonsu.  We met Sudonsu last trip and he had recently become a believer.  We felt lead to give him a treasure, and he now is an evangelist over 4 churches! 
We had three days of a pastor training/ Sewing Seeds of Hope conference. Kevin taught 20 pastors and evangelists how to simply and effectively teach gospel concepts through skits and illustrations. The pastors were excited to learn these concepts in basic form and as they said, “humbled to be taught by such a great teacher.”  A group of about 10 of them showed up at Victor’s apartment one morning at 5:00am because they were so excited to talk about all they had learned!
Bryan was able to do two of his monologues while there.  One was on Mary Magdalene, and the other on the demoniac who had a legion of demons.  He and Victor did an incredible job as Victor translated.  They seemed like they had worked together for a long time as Victor could anticipate what Bryan would say next and also really added the same dramatic effect as Bryan used.  After the Mary Magdalene presentation, many people shared that this was something God spoke to them deeply through.
Becky did a great job of teaching 13 women from our sewing centers how to sew women’s monthly necessity kits. The women caught on very quickly!  Each was given a kit made by some of the women here at Surfside PCA. They were so proud of their new kits and so excited to learn how to make them themselves. I have talked to Victor for follow up and he said they have 48 women signed up for a sewing conference to teach them the things that we taught.  The women who attended the conference went home and immediately began sewing more kits so that they would remember how to make them.  They all said they would only use these kits from now on and would teach all the other women/girls to do the same.  We believe the Lord will use these women to start a movement all over India!
The Lord arranged a surprise introduction for us in Delhi which we believe He will use to do even greater works through in Bihar, Delhi and throughout India.  We will be excited to tell you more about this and other plan changes the Lord did while we were there that showed His ways are greater than our ways, and His thoughts greater than our thoughts.  I would say from this trip the Lord taught us all lessons in Prov. 16:9, ” In his heart a man plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps.” Glory to God that He is sovereign over all!
We hope to plan a night soon to share all that the Lord did and showed us while we were in India.  We hope you will come join us!  Thank you for all who prayed, gave and encouraged us in this journey.  Thank you to our wonderful team who truly grasped what being part of a team is all about.  Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to serve in India with.  I love you all!
If you give monthly to this ministry, please have your checks in by this Sunday, March 25.  If you would like to partner with us, we would be honored and grateful.  The following opportunities are available at this time:
Aimee’s Kids – Sponsor a child for $25/month
Pastor Kumar Family Support – As the Lord lays on your heart.  
Sewing Seeds of Hope – monies will go toward buying the materials to make the women’s necessity kits to sell and as ministry outreach.  Also purchases materials to make mosquito nets to sell.  All monies earned from sales support families in the Agape Bihar churches. 
Agape Bihar – bicycles for evangelists, literature, building churches, needs that arise in the Agape Bihar churches 
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  The Lord is doing more than we could ever ask or imagine!
Blessings in Christ,

October Agape Bihar Update

Category : India

We are thankful to God to share with you that Kevin and the backpack with the Je film made it safely to India!  Victor was so excited for this incredible resource that the Lord had provided to them that he barely slept after watching it!  Last night was the first day of the pastor training conference.  Kevin and Victor showed the film to the 20 attending pastors and taught them how to set it all up.  This will greatly increase the sharing of the gospel to the 85% plus illiterate people in Bihar!  Thank you to our donor and to World Mission for providing this incredible tool!
Over the next few days, Kevin will continue to teach lessons including the attributes of God, the Trinity and of the special creation of Adam.  We are excited for this training opportunity the Lord has given Kevin and for the opportunity to encourage the pastors and evangelists of Agape Bihar.  Thank you to all of you who have helped make this a reality!  Please pray that their sessions will be Spirit lead, for strength, renewal, growth and passion, and for protection from the enemy.
We have almost completed our 2nd and 3rd wells in Bihar.  Drilling was delayed because of the flooding.  But we are in the process now of getting water samples and determining the best filtration systems if they are needed.  Thank you to Zoe Waters for their great knowledge and funding of these life giving wells!
The church building in Pastor Chhotlal’s village continues to be built brick by brick as the Lord provides the funding.  We are thankful for His faithfulness to bring donations each month!  Donations can be marked Agape Bihar.
We are still in need of sponsors to support Victor and his family.  We are asking for at least $325 to add to the $225 he currently is receiving.  Victor has the incredible opportunity of travelling to Calcutta every couple of months to record Bible lessons in his native dialect to be aired over the radio.  This adds to his monthly living expenses.  Donations may be marked Kumar Family.
We are planning to return as a team to India next March.  Please pray for us as we prepare and continue to seek the Lord’s will in all aspects of this next trip.
Thank you to all of you that pray and give financially to the work of Agape Bihar!  Please have November donations in by October 29.  May God bless you richly for your willingness to partner with our brothers and sisters in India.
Blessings in Christ,

India Short Term Mission Trip

Category : India

There will be a team including Kevin Turner, Peggy Geyer, and Cindy Milz going to India, Oct. 19 – 31. They will be doing pastor training and also teaching women in the Sewing Centers how to make women’s monthly necessities.

There are many ways you can partner.

We will be having a Silent Auction Sept. 16, 6-8:00 pm at Surfside Presbyterian Church, also a raffle for a basket from IYQ TEA ROOM. We will be having a sewing day to sew some women’s necessities to take with us.

We also need people to pray and you can email Cindy Milz at  to sign up to be on our prayer team. This is a vital part of our team!

You may also make financial donations through the church as we have to raise approximately $12,000. Please put India trip in the memo on your checks.

We currently are also building a church in Bihar and an additional $5000 is needed to complete construction.

You can also use our site for donations: Give

Thank you for partnering with us in India!



Agape Bihar July Update

Category : India

I am so excited to share with you what has happened this past month in Bihar!  As you can see, our first well was completed.  I kept asking Victor to send pictures, and he kept putting me off.  Yesterday when we talked, he said that it was because he was waiting for the sign to be finished.  These pastors have been so bold!  This is what is on the sign:
 On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.  Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”  John 7:37-38
The village leader came to them after the sign was completed.  He said that he and the village would take care of any future repairs on the well or the sign, even stating that if something happened to the Bible verse, they would personaly repaint it!  After this, the Lord gave wisdom to Victor, and he appointed the village leader as Chairman of the Zoe Water Committee.  He will attend meetings with the 7 other committee members who are all believers.  Before the drilling of the well, there were 11 women who attended the church in this village but their husbands and families did not come.  Now all 11 families come to church and have accepted Christ.  There are constant questions about Jesus from people in this village and the church is seeing much fruit coming from the boldness of this Scripture sign being put up.
Zoe Waters has created t-shirts as a fundraiser for future wells.  This is the website if you are interested in purchasing one and helping us drill more wells in Bihar.
Kevin Turner and I will be returning to India this coming fall along with any others the Lord would call to come with us.  Kevin and any other men the Lord calls will be doing a pastor training seminar.  I, along with any other wormen the Lord calls, will be teaching women about purity, women’s health, and teaching them to sew women’s necessity items to use during their monthly cycles.  This is a much needed ministry for the women as this is a very life-altering solution to women who do not have these items that we here in the States take for granted.  We will be sending more details on the trip as we get specific dates and costs, and how you can support us if you feel the Lord calling you to partner with us.
We continue to accept donations for the church that we are building in the same village as the well.  Donations can be made to Surfside Presbyterian Church or Doxa Church with Agape Bihar written in the memo.
Please give any monthly or one time gifts to Surfside Presbyterian Church or Doxa Church by July 30 so that they can be included in our next monthly transfer.
Thank you for your continualy prayer and support for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Bihar!
Blessings in Christ,

Agape Bihar India Update, May 2017

Category : India

First of all I woud like to thank everyone who has prayed for Geeta after the attack she experienced while sharing the gospel last month.  She has healed and The Lord has given her the strength and peace to return to the field where she and Victor continue to meet with individuals and families to share the hope that can be found only in Jesus.
We are excited to announce that the groundbreaking for both drilling the first well with Zoe Waters, and also the building of a church building all in Pastor Chhotlal’s village will be on June 6, 2017!  The Lord has done such a great, and quick, work of bringing together all of the necessary people, funds, and ecuipment to make this happen!  We are so thankful for our new partnerships with Zoe Waters and with World Mission.  Please pray for a successful well, and for spiritual protection as the church begins to be built.  Please pray that many would come to know Jesus through these two community building projects.  Please pray that the government officials would see the effect Agape Bihar is having in helping the people of India and would grant a charity registration to them.  Chloe and Joshua continue to allow individuals to buy bricks to build the church for India. 5 bricks for $1!  To date they have 12,107 of the 17,000 bricks needed.  Oportunities coming soon to purchase building material packages as well.
We are thankful to World Mission for helping us to be able to send the first backpack containing the Jesus Film in 10 Indian dialects to Agape Bihar.  This will enable them to transport and show the film much more effectively and many more unreached people who have never heard the Name of Jesus will hear,  In addition, we are raising funds, $40 per unit, to send Treasures to India.  These are MP3 players which can be programmed to many different India Dialects and contain the entire Bible in audio.  These are invaluable tools which allow many to hear the gospel message at one time.
Sister Rita’s home, the house with no walls, has been completed!  She is home and so filled with the joy of the Lord that he heard her prayers and responded with “I am the God Who sees you.”  Pictures will be coming next month.
Sister Rajani, who received the bicycle, cell phone, shoes and toys for her children has been faithful to take the call of God to share the gospel in neighboring villages which are steeped in witchcraft.  She has lead four families to the Lord in one village, and they have begun their own church.
Ten sewing machines have been purchased for Sewing Seeds of Hope.  Many women continue to hear the gospel while learning a new trade through this vital ministry.
Thank you for your continued support and prayers!  If you would like to donate this month to any of these projects, please give through Surfside Presbyterian Church (putting the specific ministry in the memo) or Doxa Church by May 28, 2017.
Blessings in Christ,
Cindy Milz

Update on AGAPE Bihar

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We are so excited to share with you all the Lord has been doing in Bihar this past month!

Kevin Turner has returned to India with Doug Dorman and Your Next Step Ministries.  They are there this week teaching through Romans with a group of pastors and evangelists.  Victor and Pastor Chhotlal were able to fly to the conference and take part in this great teaching!  This was Pastor Chhotlal’s first experience on an airplane.  He is pastor of a 250 member church in Bihar, and also the roaming pastor over 15 other churches there.  We are praying for finances to begin building a church building for his 250 member congregation.  They are in danger of persecution because their number has grown so large and they currently meet in an outside open air covering.  Having a church building would give them privacy and would not attract the attention that meeting outside brings.  The estimated cost of building a church is $4000.

The Lord has provided much interest and support through the sharing of our trip to Bihar last October.  We have 2 new sponsors for Aimee’s Kids children.  All 18 children plus their caretakers each received a new blanket, sweater and mat for sleeping on for Christmas!  We have received pledges for salary for the 2 teachers that have already begun part-time teaching of the children starting last November.  They were so excited that they began teaching on a volunteer basis.  Now that we have the pledges for their pay, the children will be taught full-time at the Aimee’s Kids’ home, now known in their village as “The Lighthouse.”  Being taught at home will keep the children from being inundated daily with Hindu teaching.  Also, it is giving Agape Bihar a trial run at running a private school to see if the Lord would call them to begin a private school open to the public in the future

Sudonsu is a new believer of about 9 months.  He is a construction worker and has helped as a volunteer with much of the work that was done on the inside of Aimee’s Kids’ home.  He also assists Geeta with bringing Aimee’s Kids back and forth to Patna on the 6 hour train rides.  He has always wanted a guitar, so while we were there, he showed us the guitar he had made himself. (It did not actually play but he was quite proud of it!)  Someone donated money for a real guitar for him this Christmas and he was incredibly surprised and excited, saying that he promised to learn to play it well.  We had also given him one of the “Treasure” Bible mp3 players while we were there as we see the Lord working greatly in his life and believe he may be a pastor one day

We met this beautiful lady, Rita, while we were visiting Sita and Aarti’s village.  She became a believer through Sita sharing the gospel with her.  She and her family live in the dwelling below.  After seeing her “home,” a couple was touched by the Lord to give $1000 to build walls on her home, protecting her family from the harsh weather conditions in Bihar.  The Lord told me to tell her, “I am the God Who sees you.”  Gen. 16:13  Geeta was able to share this incredible news with Rita over the phone of an elder.  Rita sat speechless and amazed at the love of Jesus!  You see, only one week ago, she had gone to visit the elder of her church.  She was so bitterly cold and did not know how she could endure it any longer.  The elder prayed with her and asked Jesus to build walls on her house.  Now, in only one week’s time, the Lord had answered her prayer!   Victor says this act of love and provision of the Lord for His children will be a great testimony to others!  It is a testimony to all of us as well.  When talking to the donor today, she shared that ever since she had seen the photo of Rita, with no walls on her home, and with the cold we are experiencing, she could not get her off of her mind.  She had seen her photo on New Year’s Day.  We have realized that the Lord was already working, that He gave Rita and that elder the prayer to speak, because He was already in the process of answering it.  He wanted us all to know that it was His Plan, His timing, His desire, His Prayer He planted in their hearts, His provision, and His great love for His children.  We are praying for additional funds to make her home a little larger as well.  Rita, her husband, their son and his wife, and three grandchildren share this one small room.  Knowing Jesus will provide exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.  All praise to Jesus and to Him alone!

Sewing Seeds of Hope has been busy designing and making 2 shirts to send back with Kevin.  Becky will take these and try to determine if there is a market for them here in the States.  If so, similar shirts will be made by the women in the sewing centers, sent here to Becky, and sold.  100% of the profits will be sent back to the sewing centers to be used to buy more material and also to be divided among the women for income.  A couple has pledged $200/month to Sewing Seeds of Hope to purchase 2 new electric sewing machines each month.  This will make production much more efficient and cost productive.

Additionally, funds were donated for warm clothes for the evangelists and for 7 new bicycles.

Donations through individuals at Surfside Presbyterian the month of December are as follows:

$350 – Bicycles for evangelists
$20 – Sewing Seeds of Hope
$500 – Warm clothing for evangelists
$895 – Aimee’s Kids
$45 – Guitar

I hope you will be as blessed and as challenged as I was to walk out our faith daily despite our circumstances.

Bihar, India – Victor and Geeta