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Rejoice & Pray with Us!

Category : Guatemala

July is just flying by here in Guatemala! We’ve had a lot happen in the last two weeks. Below are some of our Praises and Requests we want to share with you, as well as pictures.


  • We held a women’s retreat two separate days, one in the mountains, in Santa Lucia, and one at the Promised Land. It was an awesome opportunity to share and minister to more than 200 women.
  • The annual Bible Conference was this past week. We had over 170 Pastors, pastor wives, and other leaders from many different churches. We absolutely love being able to pour into the cups of those who are constantly pouring into others.
  • We praise God, because through the storm, the hard times, the unfair times, the pain, and the stress we are able to see His mercy, grace, kindness, love, patience, joy, and peace
  • We praise God for every single team/person who has, is, and will be serving alongside Impacto Ministry.
  • Last week we held an evangelistic basketball night at the park in San Juan. During halftime we had an evangelistic service and many, many souls came to the Lord! To God be the glory!

I have a verse for you…
” And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God ask of you but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 10:12
  • Please, continue praying for all our summer teams. Pray for safe travels, and for a time of growth, for a good harvest, and for many testimonies that will glorify only His name.
  • We are fervently praying for God’s financial provision. We know His work will get done in one way or another, we know we are being used by Him and for Him, and we have no doubt that He will provide for all our needs, as an organization and personally.
  • We know many of you are getting ready for, if you haven’t already hosted, VBS in your churches. This year we are doing the Lifeway theme, “Game On.” It’s a sports theme. If your church has any left over decorations and/or ideas from this specific VBS, we ask that you please consider sharing with Impacto. We are planning three different weeks of VBS this year and all material will be helpful.
  • We pray that God will fill us all daily with His spirit, though the enemy tries to come between that we are always reminded that God has called us to His ministry and He will see us through.

Impacto Ministry
9690 Shepherds Creek Place
La Plata, MD 20646

Chambers Belize Greetings

Category : Belize

Dear Partners in Ministry,
Greetings from Belize!  Anita and I are here for seven weeks this summer and it’s great to be back with our dear friends and co-laborers.  We had the privilege of leading a one day retreat for the clinic staff on May 21st and will lead a marriage seminar, June 29-30 for the two Belize City Churches.  Anita is working in the clinic as the clinic nurse is on vacation for two weeks and I have been preparing for the nine summer teams and attending various meetings.  Presbytery will meet this Saturday and I will be able to attend.  
We are excited to have two summer interns serving at the clinic, Lydia and Celina, who arrived last Saturday.  Today, Jeremy and Angel Martin arrrive with their two daughters to facilitate summer teams.  Please be praying for the both the USA short-term teams and for the receiving churches here in Belize.  Ask God to build His church through the ministries of the teams.
Garry had a good trip to the Dominican Republic in May where 40-50 Haitian pastors and church leaders are wanting to participate in theological and ministry training.  With the help of four French speaking MTW missionaries we will begin classes in August to begin training these men.  Please pray that all the details of the program will come together for an exciting teaching opportunity!  
Thank you for your faithful prayers for the ministry of Belize and the entire Caribbean Region.  Please find the June Belize Prayer Calendar attached to assist you in praying for the ministry.  Pray for our time in Belize this summer that we will be effective in ministry.  Please be in prayer as I will be preaching this Sunday at the Patchakan Church.  Also, thank you for your faithful financial support!  We stand amazed at God’s faithfulness in meeting our support needs for so long.  Ask God to supply our additional support need!  Thank you!  
Garry and Anita Chambers

Soldiers of the Cross – Guillermo and Jennie Salinas

Category : Mexico

We have just returned from our 9 hour plus trip to Verde Rico en the high mountains of the state of Guerrero, Mexico.  What we were privileged to witness there was truly marvelous and so glorifying to our Savior.  We were there for the graduation of 13 students who had completed their bachelor of arts in Biblical Studies.  These were not just any students at any graduation.  These were students that had walked miles and hours just for their training every week.  These were men that had their families and jobs and apart from graduating, there were 11 men that had planted  and were pastoring their own churches-missions.  As I hope you can see in the picture, together they skillfully played their own guitars  in praise to their Father who had made all this possible.   These are real warriors for Christ!
They graduated from the same program that Guillermo is giving to the students here.  Guillermo came home so encouraged and with renewed vision of what God can do.  Your prayers are what will make the difference.  This is one thing that was super clear through the testimonies!  These men had been bathed in prayer!  The students that will be taking the courses of the International School of Ministries at the Austin Whetsell building here in Zihuatanejo will need your prayers.  Pray that God will also transform them into disciplined brave warriors for Christ! .

We also thank God for your prayers for the puppet presentations at the trash dump and to start the Bible Club in the neighborhood called ‘El Limon’!  God used the drama-puppet team to bring the gospel to many children.  Please be praying especially this week that the Bible study that we were told could be started in the town of Pantla will become a reality.  The person who has offered her home has said she will get back with me as to the day and time!  

Thank you for praying!  God is amazing and Magnificent! 
Your obedient servant in Christ,
Jennie Salinas

Agape Bihar May Update

Category : India

Exciting news from Victor that so many people are hearing the gospel and accepting Jesus as their one and only Savior, that Victor and the other pastors are having a hard time keeping up with the baptisms and training!  That is a great problem to have!!  So many of the new believers say that now that they know the Truth, they have to tell others.  They are begging for training so that they can become evangelists themselves.  They say that they will work and raise the money to cover their own evangelism costs, if they can just be trained to take the gospel message to others.  Wow!  I wish we had that same problem here in the US!
The women are sewing the new women’s monthly necessity kits as quickly as they receive materials to make more.  With each sharing of a kit, comes sharing of the gospel message as well.  Women are being saved eternally and blessed physically.  What an awesome God we serve!  
Construction is underway for one of the three houses that were destroyed during last year’s monsoon.  We have financing for two of these homes, praise Jesus, and are continuing to pray for the last $1000 for the last house.  Hopefully all three will be completed before August which is the next monsoon season. 
We are blessed to have the opportunity to bring “Shoes that grow with you” on our next trip.  These shoes are made of top quality materials and adjust up to 5 sizes and will last appoximately 5 years!  These shoes are $15 a pair if you would like to purchase a pair for a child in India.  We will be providing the first 18 pairs to our Aimee’s Kids. 
We also have been blessed to find out that a local lady in the Myrtle Beach area makes dresses for children in third world countries out of pillow cases and t-shirts.  We will be taking donations of new or used, unsoiled and not torn pillowcases and 100% cotton t-shirts for these dresses.  If you would like to donate either of these items, please bring them to Cindy, Becky, or Peggy.  
Our other immediate needs are as follows:
Victor’s family – additional $200 per month.  Currently they eat rice 3 meals per day, bread and a vegetable once, and chicken on Saturdays.  We would like to keep them well nourished with fruits and meat every day!
Aimee’s Kids  – additional $200 per month at least.  Their diet is about the same as Victor’s family. 
Sewing Seeds of Hope – additional $200 per month.  The more funding they have to buy materials, the more kits they can distribute free and also share the gospel each time.
Agape Bihar – $100 for a Lifestream.  This device brings up a wifi connection and links presenting the Jesus film and the Bible in Hindi to any smart phone in the vicinity of this unit when it is activated.  
Thank you for all who support Agape Bihar through your faithful prayers and through your giving.  For those who give monthly, please have your donations in by Sunday, May 27.  May the Lord continue to bring many souls in Bihar into His Kingdom!
Blessings in Christ, 

From The Hills Of Cherokee

Category : Cherokee

Greetings on a beautiful, but cool spring morning here in Cherokee, NC.

We trust you all are doing well and prospering in the Lord. We want to thank you for your faithful support our ministry to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. God is doing an amazing work here and we are excited to be a part of it.

Grace Community Church of Cherokee: As you know, one of the purposes of our coming to Cherokee was to seek God’s blessing on planting a PCA Church on the Qualla Boundary. That vision began to take shape early in 2016 and we held our first worship service on June 5, 2016. We knew planting a church would not be a quick process, but, after much prayer, we believed God was leading us to move in that direction. Attendance was low for many months, but we remained faithful to the task. At the end of the summer of 2016 we moved our worship services from the dining hall to a small building that was originally set up as a craft room. For many months we had only a few families attending, some Sundays only two families or one family and another individual. Over the past several months, however, God has been doing an amazing work. He has been bringing folks in and we have been averaging 30-35 in attendance each week. The majority of those who are attending have no church background and are hungry to hear the Word of God proclaimed and are interested in learning. This is exciting, but it has also presented us with a new challenge. We only have 40 chairs in our current building, so we are maxed out! Pray for us as we make plans to expand our current building and increase our seating capacity to approximately 90. We will need to purchase additional chairs or perhaps new chairs if we are not able to match up what we currently have. We would like to upgrade the building with a sound system if possible. If any of you has knowledge and experience in sound equipment and would like to help us determine what we need, we would be most appreciative. Just let me know.

Children’s Church Program: We recently began a Children’s Church program for young children in the church. One of the issues we were facing was that parents were being distracted by young children during the sermon. Remember, these are adults with no church background, so the children have no church background. We made the decision to keep the children in the service through the second song and then send them out with two teachers, so they could begin to learn basic Bible truths and the parents could focus on the sermon. This has worked well, but again, we are facing new challenges. The number of children is growing, so we need to figure out how to divide them up and where we will find the room for two separate classes. Please pray for the teachers, the children, and the logistical issues we are facing as God grows His Church.

Youth Group: On February 7, 2018 we began to hold Youth Group meeting each Wednesday evening. Norman and Julie Beck have been faithful to plan and lead the meetings each week. Growth in this ministry is slow, but we believe their faithfulness will pay off. Norman is also serving as a volunteer assistant coach with the girls’ soccer team at the Cherokee Central Schools. Pray with us that God would open doors for opportunities to invite these girls to the youth group and that God would grow this ministry as well.

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting: We believe that one of the greatest responsibilities we have as we minister here in Cherokee is to be faithful in prayer. A few months ago, we began holding a mid-week prayer meeting. While attendance fluctuates, we have been encouraged with those who have been attending and with the openness to pray. Pray with us that God would bless our commitment to prayer and that we would continue to see His hand at work in our lives and in the life of Grace Community Church of Cherokee.

Life Recovery Group: As many of you know, Norman Beck, Tammy Jackson, and Scott Hill have been involved with a Life Recovery Group, which is a scripturally based addiction recovery program. We have seen God at work in the lives of several of the individuals who have been attending the Tuesday afternoon class and it has been encouraging to us. God is allowing us to speak scriptural truth into the lives of these individuals and to disciple them in His word each week. Hearts are opening up toward the gospel as they are beginning to realize that true freedom comes, not from a program, but only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Pray for us as we meet each Tuesday from 3:00-4:00pm.

Family Happenings: The Hill family is doing well as we are all at our various stages of life. Scott keeps busy with Grace Community Church and as the Chaplain for Tsali Care Nursing Home here in Cherokee. Pray for him as he plans his days and works to help coordinate summer teams and the ministries they will be involved in.

Ruth stays busy with her involvement with the Cherokee Cancer Support Group, teaching Children’s Church, and serving alongside Scott in many ways. Pray her as she juggles the responsibilities of home and ministry.

Bethany is currently living with us and working at Foggy Mountain Vet Services in Clyde, NC. We are thankful for this position that God has provided for her and for the ways He has been stretching and growing her. She loves animals and we would have a small farm here if she had her way! Pray for God to continue to grow her and stretch her in many ways.

Scott, Jr. and Bekah are doing well in Greenville as Scott works for Sherwin-Williams and Bekah continues to teach 3rd grade. They are adjusting well to married life as they will celebrate their 1st anniversary in July. Pray for God to continue to grow them as a couple.

Johnathan is doing well. He is finishing up his final year of high school, serving as a volunteer fire fighter in Cherokee, and trying to make plans for the future. Pray for him as he seeks God’s leading and direction for life after high school.

Katie is keeping busy with her dual enrollment classes at Southwestern Community College. She has maintained an A average through her first two semesters. Pray that she would finish strong. Katie will also be heading to Canada in May to serve on a mission team with John and Elizabeth Sexton. She and Johnathan will both participate in a week mission trip with NEXT (Formerly MTW’s Global Youth and Family ministry) as the NEXT team leads a trip for MK’s from the Americas Region to La Ceiba, Honduras.

We have one final prayer request to share. 2018 has been the first year that we have seen a decline in giving to our ministry. We have lost some significant financial support this year and we need to raise additional funds. Would you pray with us that God would provide the funds needed to carry out this ministry.

As a reminder, the address for donations to MTW has recently changed. The new address is: PO Box 744165, Atlanta, GA 30374-4165.

Thank you for your prayers for our ministry and our family.
Scott, Ruth, Johnathan, and Katie Hill

Stodghill April 2018 Bahamas Update

Category : Bahamas

“Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”
The Covenant Life Presbyterian Incorporation Papers are completed and in hand Friday April 13, 2018!!!  Praise to God who is never ceasing in His Grace and Mercy! Lord, as the song says: please “guide us to Your good pleasure. Lord, bind us to You, and seal us with Your good pleasure!”
Since last update, we have seen Covenant Life Presbyterian Church grow both in numbers and interest.  We are averaging about 25 on Sunday mornings and continue to have mid week prayer time along with two Bible studies per week.  We have several neighbors that have visited Covenant Life Presbyterian Church (CLPC).
Life has been full since our last update.  
Many of you know God opened an unexpected door for us to be the key note speakers March 15 for a marriage and dating seminar.  Over 70 people attended and the reception and feedback was wonderfully encouraging. 
Feb 25- March 4  We had the opportunity to attend a missions conference in North Alabama. While there we were given many opportunities to present the ministry in the Bahamas with the congregation, as well as throughout the community.  It was a privilege to see, first hand, the priority this church has for impacting their community and world through mission work. This church also had a very talented young lady make a cake in honor of the work here in the Bahamas! While in Alabama, we were able to meet with two of our 5 teams that plan to come down this summer. A special thank you to our host family! It was wonderful to see you again, even through the busyness of the week!!
        Inline image          Inline image
We were blessed to have two student teams come down on their spring break and work with us at the school and one team worked with a ministry partner of ours called the Adventure Learning Center.   At the ALC we worked a Monday Funday event where some 2000 people came and we shared with in family fun and the presentation of the Gospel at this event, as well as with each class individually in CW Sawyer Primary school.
        Inline image            Inline image
 Inline image  Inline image  Inline image

The Lord has opened our time at CW Sawyer Primary wide open two days per week, as well as mentoring with the 6th grade boys.  We have been encouraged by new volunteers and the school’s asking us to volunteer our time to substitute teach for a four day stretch in March.  When this class found out it was Karen’s birthday – the teacher had them sing Happy Birthday, Bahamian style to her.
Inline image   Inline image   Inline image

John has been asked to volunteer his time to teach medical classes at the local hospital and now is allowed to volunteer whenever he wants on the local government ambulance.  He has been asked to bring training to the island at a higher level than just basic EMT service.  Pray for wisdom in how best to facilitate this desire.  We continue to be asked regularly to help with Bahamas’ Red Cross and MTW’s disaster response ministry.
Let us share briefly a few stories of special moments of discipleship through relationship:
·        “Mr. D” is an 80 something year old friend that was angry with God for taking his daughter after a 2 month battle with brain cancer. God allowed many times for conversation, and sharing, and prayer. We are so excited to let you know that “Mr. D” has recognized his need for a Savior, and he is thankful his daughter knew this same Savior. He has since professed faith in Jesus as his Savior.
·        “Mr. B” is another 80 year old man. He is one we are still talking to, and praying for.  He believes the Bible is a great story that has many inconsistencies. He agreed to read Lee Stroble’s, A Case for Christ. He said this book did nothing for him.  He also has agreed to read CS Lewis, Mere Christianity. Please pray with us and his wife for his salvation, and need of a Savior.
·        A child at CW Sawyer, I will call him “Dee”. He was telling Karen that he recently learned that Christ died so we can live forever with Him. Karen let him know that was correct yet there is more…. God is relational, and we have a problem that affects that relationship. I am sinful, and so are you.  The cross fixed that problem. At this point “Dee” said he had never heard of sin. Do pray that our paths will cross again, and for the soil of “Dee’s” heart as God is tilling it. 
·        We recently went to our corner fruit stand by our home. “Mrs. M” is this sweet woman that works there. We wanted to buy some bananas from her. As we were paying for them, she looked at them and noticed they were Dole brand. She apologized as she remembered Chiquita Bananas are our preferred brand. This just shows that she remembered something specific about us. This is a reminder to us that we are to remember specific things about others, especially if we want our relationship to grow. This works with humans, as well as with God. 
Abstinence education- We have a wonderful friend and supporter sending us a nationally recognized abstinence educator the week of May 14-18.  Please pray God opens the door wide  for this lady to not only talk to 6th grade children at CW Sawyer, but to have opportunities to have workshops for many counselors in the government education system.
Whit Monday – This is a Bahamas national holiday, May 21. Our church, Covenant Life Presbyterian Church is planning to host a fun day on the park in Yellow Elder.  We plan to sign children up for the summer reading program, share the gospel, live music, games and feed people free of charge. This will be open to as many as 2,000 residents of Yellow Elder. As this is a very big endeavor for such a small group, we welcome your prayers for this event to bring Glory to God.
Our Son’s Wedding- May 28 we will be flying with our younger twin son to our oldest twin son’s wedding in Africa. We will be off island for one week. Please pray for this significant event in our family’s life and for traveling mercies.
We end this update with the song that we began with: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.  We thank the Lord for His mighty blessings of answered prayers for you our supporters. It is because of you that we are here. Thank you for your sacrificial and committed giving to see the gospel go out into the entire world.  As God blesses each of us, may we all be ambassadors to pass those on.  Thank you God for those you have blessed and so blessed us with through prayers, and life experiences, and all types of support!! 
Love in Christ,
      John and Karen Stodghill
US home number (803)795-4722 (number to use to call us while we are in the Bahamas)
Stodghill -Bahamas – MTW account #17065
Donations address: Mission to the World
PO Box 744165
Atlanta, GA 30374
US mailing address:  702 Wren St., Sumter, SC 29150
Bahamas mailing address:  PO Box N4534, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas

Agape Bihar March 2018 Update

Category : India

We have just returned from India and had a wonderful trip! It was so great to visit with Victor and his family again. We were blessed by a surprise visit by Ashish (one of the Aimee’s Kids) and Sudonsu.  We met Sudonsu last trip and he had recently become a believer.  We felt lead to give him a treasure, and he now is an evangelist over 4 churches! 
We had three days of a pastor training/ Sewing Seeds of Hope conference. Kevin taught 20 pastors and evangelists how to simply and effectively teach gospel concepts through skits and illustrations. The pastors were excited to learn these concepts in basic form and as they said, “humbled to be taught by such a great teacher.”  A group of about 10 of them showed up at Victor’s apartment one morning at 5:00am because they were so excited to talk about all they had learned!
Bryan was able to do two of his monologues while there.  One was on Mary Magdalene, and the other on the demoniac who had a legion of demons.  He and Victor did an incredible job as Victor translated.  They seemed like they had worked together for a long time as Victor could anticipate what Bryan would say next and also really added the same dramatic effect as Bryan used.  After the Mary Magdalene presentation, many people shared that this was something God spoke to them deeply through.
Becky did a great job of teaching 13 women from our sewing centers how to sew women’s monthly necessity kits. The women caught on very quickly!  Each was given a kit made by some of the women here at Surfside PCA. They were so proud of their new kits and so excited to learn how to make them themselves. I have talked to Victor for follow up and he said they have 48 women signed up for a sewing conference to teach them the things that we taught.  The women who attended the conference went home and immediately began sewing more kits so that they would remember how to make them.  They all said they would only use these kits from now on and would teach all the other women/girls to do the same.  We believe the Lord will use these women to start a movement all over India!
The Lord arranged a surprise introduction for us in Delhi which we believe He will use to do even greater works through in Bihar, Delhi and throughout India.  We will be excited to tell you more about this and other plan changes the Lord did while we were there that showed His ways are greater than our ways, and His thoughts greater than our thoughts.  I would say from this trip the Lord taught us all lessons in Prov. 16:9, ” In his heart a man plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps.” Glory to God that He is sovereign over all!
We hope to plan a night soon to share all that the Lord did and showed us while we were in India.  We hope you will come join us!  Thank you for all who prayed, gave and encouraged us in this journey.  Thank you to our wonderful team who truly grasped what being part of a team is all about.  Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to serve in India with.  I love you all!
If you give monthly to this ministry, please have your checks in by this Sunday, March 25.  If you would like to partner with us, we would be honored and grateful.  The following opportunities are available at this time:
Aimee’s Kids – Sponsor a child for $25/month
Pastor Kumar Family Support – As the Lord lays on your heart.  
Sewing Seeds of Hope – monies will go toward buying the materials to make the women’s necessity kits to sell and as ministry outreach.  Also purchases materials to make mosquito nets to sell.  All monies earned from sales support families in the Agape Bihar churches. 
Agape Bihar – bicycles for evangelists, literature, building churches, needs that arise in the Agape Bihar churches 
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  The Lord is doing more than we could ever ask or imagine!
Blessings in Christ,

Grief, Retreats, and Silas – Andrew & Kelly Baxley

Category : Colombia

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope that you are doing well. Above are pictures in order of each grandparent with Silas. Also, Silas was baptized by Terry Baxley, Andrew’s dad, when he came for his visit. It was a sweet moment to surrender our little boy to the Lord and recognize God’s faithfulness through all generations.

As far as ministry goes, I don’t even know where to start.  Sorry that it has been so long since we last let you in!  In the past few months, we have continued to minister in light of the tragedy that struck our church last December when we lost one of our high school students.  Since then we have hosted a grief group focused on helping many of our students continue to grieve the loss of their friend, Jaime.  Alongside of this, we just recently hosted a three month memorial gathering at the church at the request of Jaime’s family and not only was it a place for people to process their grief in a healthy way but we were also able to use it to share the gospel with many non-churched friends and family of Jaime.  Additionally, in wake of this tragedy, God has opened many students’ hearts to having really important and meaningful conversation about God and the gospel.  Just last Friday night, one student who was very close to Jaime and had formerly claimed to reject Christianity proclaimed in group discussion, “I’m constantly wondering if I’m loved but I now know I am because I see that God was willing to die for me.” We are still grieving here, but God’s work in the midst of it has continued to be an encouragement.

In other news, the youth ministry has continued to keep me busy.  We planned and pulled off the first ever UCB youth retreat and had 26 people attend.  We talked about how God is our good father who is patient, gracious, and pursues our hearts. 

For about a month we hosted a 16 year old youth group student while his family worked through some difficult things.  I think that we were able to clearly communicate the gospel to this student and his family and it really seemed to have an impact.

There are so many other things going on that I cannot go into here but please be in prayer for us.  We often feel like the water is over our heads but pray that we would know clearly that it is God who is in control and that we would continue to see glimpses of the work he is accomplishing.

Below are a few pictures of the the “farm” in Tenjo, Colombia where we had our youth retreat.

Counseling Update
Kelly meets with 6-9 clients per week and leads a grief group at least once a month. There has been an enormous need for counseling resources in our youth group and church. Many have come looking to find help with suicidal ideations, depression, anxiety, and family conflict.

On a brighter note and maybe news to you, our church has approved the finances to build a counseling center. This counseling center has room for group counseling, 2 private offices, a waiting room, and a terrace. This is such a gift from God. We hope to provide more resources to our church congregation, local missionaries, and Colombians in need of Christian counseling. There will be pictures to come soon when it is up and running.

-Andrew’s sister Carey is coming to visit in two weeks.

-Andrew is going with our teammate (also Andrew) to scout out a potential service trip for UCB to take in Laguajira, Colombia. We are hoping to partner with some missionary friends that are church planting among indigenous tribes.

-Kelly will be leading UCB Redemption Groups again on April 7th and 14th.

-The counseling center should be completed within the next 2 months.

Here’s a recent picture of Silas. We love you all and are so thankful to have you on our team. 
Love, The Baxleys
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“Investing in a Kingdom that Will Never Fail”

Category : General

How can you be assured that your investments of time, energy and money will reap the greatest rewards in your life and have the greatest impact on the world around you?  It all depends on what we are investing in.  If we are merely investing in our own worldly pleasures and possessions we may experience some temporary satisfaction along the way, but in the end we will be empty and the world will be no better off.  In Matthew 16:26 Jesus warned, “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?”

However, in the same chapter Jesus assured those of us who have a relationship with Christ as the Son of the living God that we can invest in a kingdom that will never fail.  Jesus assured us, “…on this rock I will build My church and the gates of hell will not overcome it (Matt. 16:18).”  In Acts 1:8 He promises His disciples, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  In a sense He promises us that we will gain the whole world by influencing many souls all around the world to surrender to Christ. 

This is the kind of unfailing, eternal influence you can have when you invest in world missions.  You can invest your time, energy and money by praying, giving and even going on short term mission trips. 

Your most productive investment is praying for our missionaries as you receive their updates from Sherry Unger by email, and by participating in our monthly prayer vigils.  Your faithful financial contributions to our Faith Promise Fund is a huge investment that goes directly to fund the ministry of our seventeen vocational missionaries around the world.  If you are not already giving to our Faith Promise, you can begin giving any time by designating your check to “Missions Fund” in the memo when you write a check to Surfside PCA.  We encourage you to give in faith above and beyond your normal tithe to the general fund of the church.

Consider the eternal impact you are having on the world when you invest in prayer and giving to our missionaries.  You are helping to evangelize, disciple and plant churches locally in Carolina Forest (Hornes), among Native Americans in Cherokee, NC (Hills), in the Bahamas (Stoghills), all over Western Mexico (Salinas) and Central America (Martinez), among Venezuelan refugees in Panama (Summers), among internationals in Bogota, Colombia (Baxleys), in Peru (Powlisons), in Rotterdam, Netherlands (Lancasters), in Odessa, Ukraine (Thorntons), and among Muslims in a very sensitive area of the world (Ian & Darlene).  You also participate in ministry to college students all over the States (MacKorell) and New Zealand (Aldridge), to medical missions in the Caribbean (Aeschliman), and to theological training of pastors and missionaries in Puerto Rico (Fitzpatrick) and all over the world (Austins & Pratt). 

This past year many of you also had the opportunity to actually go as short-term missionaries to Cherokee, Cuba, the Caribbean, Azerbaijan and India.  By praying, giving and going God is using your investment to grow His kingdom that will never fail!  What greater joy will there be when we get to heaven and see “a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb?” (Rev. 7:9).  Perhaps many of them will be there because of your influence and investment.

Missions by Terry Baxley


Cherokee Mission Trip 2018

Category : Cherokee

Consider joining the team this year as we are back at Tsali Senior Center. Our goal will be to assist Scott and Ruth Hill (SPC supported missionaries) make community connections and help local seniors do crafts while showing them Christ’s love.  Cost will be approximately  $650 each.  Please contact Nancy Cook 843-222-5677 by March 1 to sign up.