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Soldiers of the Cross – Guillermo and Jennie Salinas

Category : Mexico

We have just returned from our 9 hour plus trip to Verde Rico en the high mountains of the state of Guerrero, Mexico.  What we were privileged to witness there was truly marvelous and so glorifying to our Savior.  We were there for the graduation of 13 students who had completed their bachelor of arts in Biblical Studies.  These were not just any students at any graduation.  These were students that had walked miles and hours just for their training every week.  These were men that had their families and jobs and apart from graduating, there were 11 men that had planted  and were pastoring their own churches-missions.  As I hope you can see in the picture, together they skillfully played their own guitars  in praise to their Father who had made all this possible.   These are real warriors for Christ!
They graduated from the same program that Guillermo is giving to the students here.  Guillermo came home so encouraged and with renewed vision of what God can do.  Your prayers are what will make the difference.  This is one thing that was super clear through the testimonies!  These men had been bathed in prayer!  The students that will be taking the courses of the International School of Ministries at the Austin Whetsell building here in Zihuatanejo will need your prayers.  Pray that God will also transform them into disciplined brave warriors for Christ! .

We also thank God for your prayers for the puppet presentations at the trash dump and to start the Bible Club in the neighborhood called ‘El Limon’!  God used the drama-puppet team to bring the gospel to many children.  Please be praying especially this week that the Bible study that we were told could be started in the town of Pantla will become a reality.  The person who has offered her home has said she will get back with me as to the day and time!  

Thank you for praying!  God is amazing and Magnificent! 
Your obedient servant in Christ,
Jennie Salinas

Agape Bihar May Update

Category : India

Exciting news from Victor that so many people are hearing the gospel and accepting Jesus as their one and only Savior, that Victor and the other pastors are having a hard time keeping up with the baptisms and training!  That is a great problem to have!!  So many of the new believers say that now that they know the Truth, they have to tell others.  They are begging for training so that they can become evangelists themselves.  They say that they will work and raise the money to cover their own evangelism costs, if they can just be trained to take the gospel message to others.  Wow!  I wish we had that same problem here in the US!
The women are sewing the new women’s monthly necessity kits as quickly as they receive materials to make more.  With each sharing of a kit, comes sharing of the gospel message as well.  Women are being saved eternally and blessed physically.  What an awesome God we serve!  
Construction is underway for one of the three houses that were destroyed during last year’s monsoon.  We have financing for two of these homes, praise Jesus, and are continuing to pray for the last $1000 for the last house.  Hopefully all three will be completed before August which is the next monsoon season. 
We are blessed to have the opportunity to bring “Shoes that grow with you” on our next trip.  These shoes are made of top quality materials and adjust up to 5 sizes and will last appoximately 5 years!  These shoes are $15 a pair if you would like to purchase a pair for a child in India.  We will be providing the first 18 pairs to our Aimee’s Kids. 
We also have been blessed to find out that a local lady in the Myrtle Beach area makes dresses for children in third world countries out of pillow cases and t-shirts.  We will be taking donations of new or used, unsoiled and not torn pillowcases and 100% cotton t-shirts for these dresses.  If you would like to donate either of these items, please bring them to Cindy, Becky, or Peggy.  
Our other immediate needs are as follows:
Victor’s family – additional $200 per month.  Currently they eat rice 3 meals per day, bread and a vegetable once, and chicken on Saturdays.  We would like to keep them well nourished with fruits and meat every day!
Aimee’s Kids  – additional $200 per month at least.  Their diet is about the same as Victor’s family. 
Sewing Seeds of Hope – additional $200 per month.  The more funding they have to buy materials, the more kits they can distribute free and also share the gospel each time.
Agape Bihar – $100 for a Lifestream.  This device brings up a wifi connection and links presenting the Jesus film and the Bible in Hindi to any smart phone in the vicinity of this unit when it is activated.  
Thank you for all who support Agape Bihar through your faithful prayers and through your giving.  For those who give monthly, please have your donations in by Sunday, May 27.  May the Lord continue to bring many souls in Bihar into His Kingdom!
Blessings in Christ,