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Agape Bihar March 2018 Update

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We have just returned from India and had a wonderful trip! It was so great to visit with Victor and his family again. We were blessed by a surprise visit by Ashish (one of the Aimee’s Kids) and Sudonsu.  We met Sudonsu last trip and he had recently become a believer.  We felt lead to give him a treasure, and he now is an evangelist over 4 churches! 
We had three days of a pastor training/ Sewing Seeds of Hope conference. Kevin taught 20 pastors and evangelists how to simply and effectively teach gospel concepts through skits and illustrations. The pastors were excited to learn these concepts in basic form and as they said, “humbled to be taught by such a great teacher.”  A group of about 10 of them showed up at Victor’s apartment one morning at 5:00am because they were so excited to talk about all they had learned!
Bryan was able to do two of his monologues while there.  One was on Mary Magdalene, and the other on the demoniac who had a legion of demons.  He and Victor did an incredible job as Victor translated.  They seemed like they had worked together for a long time as Victor could anticipate what Bryan would say next and also really added the same dramatic effect as Bryan used.  After the Mary Magdalene presentation, many people shared that this was something God spoke to them deeply through.
Becky did a great job of teaching 13 women from our sewing centers how to sew women’s monthly necessity kits. The women caught on very quickly!  Each was given a kit made by some of the women here at Surfside PCA. They were so proud of their new kits and so excited to learn how to make them themselves. I have talked to Victor for follow up and he said they have 48 women signed up for a sewing conference to teach them the things that we taught.  The women who attended the conference went home and immediately began sewing more kits so that they would remember how to make them.  They all said they would only use these kits from now on and would teach all the other women/girls to do the same.  We believe the Lord will use these women to start a movement all over India!
The Lord arranged a surprise introduction for us in Delhi which we believe He will use to do even greater works through in Bihar, Delhi and throughout India.  We will be excited to tell you more about this and other plan changes the Lord did while we were there that showed His ways are greater than our ways, and His thoughts greater than our thoughts.  I would say from this trip the Lord taught us all lessons in Prov. 16:9, ” In his heart a man plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps.” Glory to God that He is sovereign over all!
We hope to plan a night soon to share all that the Lord did and showed us while we were in India.  We hope you will come join us!  Thank you for all who prayed, gave and encouraged us in this journey.  Thank you to our wonderful team who truly grasped what being part of a team is all about.  Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to serve in India with.  I love you all!
If you give monthly to this ministry, please have your checks in by this Sunday, March 25.  If you would like to partner with us, we would be honored and grateful.  The following opportunities are available at this time:
Aimee’s Kids – Sponsor a child for $25/month
Pastor Kumar Family Support – As the Lord lays on your heart.  
Sewing Seeds of Hope – monies will go toward buying the materials to make the women’s necessity kits to sell and as ministry outreach.  Also purchases materials to make mosquito nets to sell.  All monies earned from sales support families in the Agape Bihar churches. 
Agape Bihar – bicycles for evangelists, literature, building churches, needs that arise in the Agape Bihar churches 
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  The Lord is doing more than we could ever ask or imagine!
Blessings in Christ,

Grief, Retreats, and Silas – Andrew & Kelly Baxley

Category : Colombia

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope that you are doing well. Above are pictures in order of each grandparent with Silas. Also, Silas was baptized by Terry Baxley, Andrew’s dad, when he came for his visit. It was a sweet moment to surrender our little boy to the Lord and recognize God’s faithfulness through all generations.

As far as ministry goes, I don’t even know where to start.  Sorry that it has been so long since we last let you in!  In the past few months, we have continued to minister in light of the tragedy that struck our church last December when we lost one of our high school students.  Since then we have hosted a grief group focused on helping many of our students continue to grieve the loss of their friend, Jaime.  Alongside of this, we just recently hosted a three month memorial gathering at the church at the request of Jaime’s family and not only was it a place for people to process their grief in a healthy way but we were also able to use it to share the gospel with many non-churched friends and family of Jaime.  Additionally, in wake of this tragedy, God has opened many students’ hearts to having really important and meaningful conversation about God and the gospel.  Just last Friday night, one student who was very close to Jaime and had formerly claimed to reject Christianity proclaimed in group discussion, “I’m constantly wondering if I’m loved but I now know I am because I see that God was willing to die for me.” We are still grieving here, but God’s work in the midst of it has continued to be an encouragement.

In other news, the youth ministry has continued to keep me busy.  We planned and pulled off the first ever UCB youth retreat and had 26 people attend.  We talked about how God is our good father who is patient, gracious, and pursues our hearts. 

For about a month we hosted a 16 year old youth group student while his family worked through some difficult things.  I think that we were able to clearly communicate the gospel to this student and his family and it really seemed to have an impact.

There are so many other things going on that I cannot go into here but please be in prayer for us.  We often feel like the water is over our heads but pray that we would know clearly that it is God who is in control and that we would continue to see glimpses of the work he is accomplishing.

Below are a few pictures of the the “farm” in Tenjo, Colombia where we had our youth retreat.

Counseling Update
Kelly meets with 6-9 clients per week and leads a grief group at least once a month. There has been an enormous need for counseling resources in our youth group and church. Many have come looking to find help with suicidal ideations, depression, anxiety, and family conflict.

On a brighter note and maybe news to you, our church has approved the finances to build a counseling center. This counseling center has room for group counseling, 2 private offices, a waiting room, and a terrace. This is such a gift from God. We hope to provide more resources to our church congregation, local missionaries, and Colombians in need of Christian counseling. There will be pictures to come soon when it is up and running.

-Andrew’s sister Carey is coming to visit in two weeks.

-Andrew is going with our teammate (also Andrew) to scout out a potential service trip for UCB to take in Laguajira, Colombia. We are hoping to partner with some missionary friends that are church planting among indigenous tribes.

-Kelly will be leading UCB Redemption Groups again on April 7th and 14th.

-The counseling center should be completed within the next 2 months.

Here’s a recent picture of Silas. We love you all and are so thankful to have you on our team. 
Love, The Baxleys
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“Investing in a Kingdom that Will Never Fail”

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How can you be assured that your investments of time, energy and money will reap the greatest rewards in your life and have the greatest impact on the world around you?  It all depends on what we are investing in.  If we are merely investing in our own worldly pleasures and possessions we may experience some temporary satisfaction along the way, but in the end we will be empty and the world will be no better off.  In Matthew 16:26 Jesus warned, “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?”

However, in the same chapter Jesus assured those of us who have a relationship with Christ as the Son of the living God that we can invest in a kingdom that will never fail.  Jesus assured us, “…on this rock I will build My church and the gates of hell will not overcome it (Matt. 16:18).”  In Acts 1:8 He promises His disciples, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  In a sense He promises us that we will gain the whole world by influencing many souls all around the world to surrender to Christ. 

This is the kind of unfailing, eternal influence you can have when you invest in world missions.  You can invest your time, energy and money by praying, giving and even going on short term mission trips. 

Your most productive investment is praying for our missionaries as you receive their updates from Sherry Unger by email, and by participating in our monthly prayer vigils.  Your faithful financial contributions to our Faith Promise Fund is a huge investment that goes directly to fund the ministry of our seventeen vocational missionaries around the world.  If you are not already giving to our Faith Promise, you can begin giving any time by designating your check to “Missions Fund” in the memo when you write a check to Surfside PCA.  We encourage you to give in faith above and beyond your normal tithe to the general fund of the church.

Consider the eternal impact you are having on the world when you invest in prayer and giving to our missionaries.  You are helping to evangelize, disciple and plant churches locally in Carolina Forest (Hornes), among Native Americans in Cherokee, NC (Hills), in the Bahamas (Stoghills), all over Western Mexico (Salinas) and Central America (Martinez), among Venezuelan refugees in Panama (Summers), among internationals in Bogota, Colombia (Baxleys), in Peru (Powlisons), in Rotterdam, Netherlands (Lancasters), in Odessa, Ukraine (Thorntons), and among Muslims in a very sensitive area of the world (Ian & Darlene).  You also participate in ministry to college students all over the States (MacKorell) and New Zealand (Aldridge), to medical missions in the Caribbean (Aeschliman), and to theological training of pastors and missionaries in Puerto Rico (Fitzpatrick) and all over the world (Austins & Pratt). 

This past year many of you also had the opportunity to actually go as short-term missionaries to Cherokee, Cuba, the Caribbean, Azerbaijan and India.  By praying, giving and going God is using your investment to grow His kingdom that will never fail!  What greater joy will there be when we get to heaven and see “a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb?” (Rev. 7:9).  Perhaps many of them will be there because of your influence and investment.

Missions by Terry Baxley