About the Father’s Business in Trinidad

About the Father’s Business in Trinidad

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Dear Missions Partners,

Thank you for taking the time to read my attached newsletter about our first assigned team of 2018.  

Victoria, a gifted young woman who brought ultrasound to our patients, posted this on FaceBook.  I hoped to have room in my report, but with her permission here are thoughts from a “newbie” to MTW’s medical-evangelism, mobile-clinics teams: 

…Betsy challenged us to find 3 words to describe our trip [to those asking about it when we get home].  After much thought, mine officially are:

1. Sobering 
2. Challenging
3. Rewarding

[Trinidad] is one of the “better off” countries MTW serves…  the majority of the island [is] broken, but still beautiful.  I could describe most of the patients I had in the same way [editorial: oh, aren’t we all broken and beautiful?!] … it was an honor to serve and love on them as much as I could.
…had electricity and (cold) running water …wifi a good bit of the time …police escorts everywhere …our bellies were always full of amazing local food …weren’t “roughing it” by any stretch of the imagination, but man, do I have a new appreciation for hot showers!
…an amazing mission trip to have as my first one …mostly easy, definitely worth it and absolutely life-changing.  The people I met there …impacted my life far more than I ever could hope to impact theirs.

 Again, thank you for your prayer and financial support, but above all for your friendships!   Ash and I don’t take any of you for granted.           

**Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need to be removed from receiving our updates.**     betsy.c@comcast.net

 Until He returns or calls,

 Ash (retired pastor) & Betsy Aeschliman (BSN-RN)
Global Missionaries w/ MTW-Medical

TRINIDAD January 2018