Thorntons in Ukraine

Thorntons in Ukraine

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When are you returning to Ukraine?

As of June 1st, we do not have a date of our  departure. We still have to find new supporters to join our team. Currently, we need approximately $750 per month to be at 100 percent. We are looking for individuals or churches to begin supporting us at $50 or $100 per month or more.

Our prayer is that we will have all our needed support in order for us to move back by August 15th. If you are praying for us, would you consider asking God whether you should also financially support us? Thank you.

Please note – MTW is changing where to send in your gifts of support. The reason is to align the donations receiving process with the best practices and to save money. This only effects donations that are mailed in, not ones already set up for automatic bank draft or credit card draft. The new address is:
Mission to the World
P.O. Box 744165
Atlanta, GA 30374-4165

Since we have been in the US for the year, we have to start the visa and temporary residency process all over again. Please pray that we receive a letter of invitation from the local Kherson office of the Ministry of Culture. Once we receive this letter we can apply for our visas. And then with visas in hand we will apply for temporary residency once we arrive which will allow us to stay in Ukraine for 1 year. When that year expires, we have to reapply to extend our residency status for another year but it is slightly less of hassle since we do not need to receive visas first. Please pray that we find favor with the government officials and all the letters and documents are received and accepted and we receive permission to live and serve the Lord in Kherson. Thank you.

Kherson Happenings

The news from Kherson is encouraging. We have several young men I mentor who will be busy with ministry this summer. Oleg will take a break from his seminary studies and travel to Russia for a month to volunteer with Wycliffe
Bible Translators in Khanty-Mansiysk in Eastern Siberia.
Vova will be serving at several Christian camps this summer.
Some of these camps minister to children in the various churches in the Kherson region and some of these camps
reach out to orphan children with the love of Jesus. He has
already served in 2 camps and will serve in 4 more this
Our church is busily planning for its annual outreach to
children. Oleg will be directing this week of crafts, games
and the story of Jesus. We continue to pray for children who have come in the past and pray for even more children to hear the Good News of Jesus this summer. Please join us in praying for the camp.
English club is winding down. The leaders are still reaching about 35 – 40 people every week. They will end sometime early in the summer and then we will start again in September. When we return, we will be able to increase the number of students that we reach out to more effectively.
We will also try to find new students through advertising
and passing out invitations at the local university. We have asked you to pray for Olga Kukushkina as she recovers from hip replacement surgery. The recovery has been difficult but God has been with her and she continues to make progress. She is now able to walk for extended
periods of time even without the aid of a walker or cane. She is close to returning to the place she was prior to the
flare up of pain and the need for surgery. We are thankful
to God for how He has taken care of her so far and hopeful
that soon she will be able to do her usual activities and

We are excited about new witnessing opportunities
connected with the 500th anniversary of Reformation. It will be a nationally recognized holiday in Ukraine, and we hope we can use it to share the gospel.

Our prayers requests:
1. Peace and stability in Ukraine. There is still fighting in the east and economic hardships.
2. Growth in the church – spiritually and numerically, especially for the teenage boys who have been coming.
3. For Olya Kukushkina as she recovers from hip surgery in the US and Pastor Sergey Kukushkin as he ministers and takes care of their children.
4. For new supporters to join our team so we can return in early August.
5. For our visas and, ultimately, our temporary residency permits.
Thank you again for your prayers, concern, and support. We are thankful for you all.

Family News
We have come to the end of the school year. It is amazing how quickly the time has flown. All kids did great and adjusted rather quickly. We continue to hear from the teachers and administrators of how smoothly they did in adjusting and fitting in at a new school. The school has told us that they will miss them next year and wish that there was a way that they could stay. Some have even asked if they have experienced transitions like this often as
the reason for their integration into the life of the school. We have come to further understand how God answers prayers – ours and yours. Thank you for praying for their transitions to living in the US for a year and for fitting in at school. Now we ask for prayer as we have to readjust to living in Ukraine and making friends in their extra-curricular activities.

How to Give

We can meet our need of $750/month if we find new supporters at the following levels: 1 at $200 per month, 3 at $100 per month and 5 at $50/month. Thank you for praying for us and supporting our work in Ukraine. Again here is the new donations address:
P.O. Box 744165
Atlanta, GA 30374-4165
If you wish to donate online, the address is:

Our name and support account number, 17460, should be included in your correspondence to the donations address.