Cherokee Team 2017 Report

Cherokee Team 2017 Report

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When you submit yourself to do a job for God, you really can never predict exactly what it is you will be doing. Sometimes God may say, “This is something that I need you to do.” But often, in my experience, He just lets me know that there is an opportunity to serve and fills me in on the details as I go. This year Team Cherokee had a good idea of what we would be doing and prepared as much as we could. We knew we would be at a senior center making four crafts. But we did not know how many people would be coming, nor what their spiritual state would be. And as usual, the numbers grew as word spread that we were there. Eight had signed up and we got to know more than 30 people before we left on Friday. Many we met are Christians, but one lady expressed to me that we had challenged her to be more a part of other people’s lives. She said she usually talks to everyone about the weather, the craft they are doing or Tribal politics. She saw how within one hour, we had gotten to know people more closely and had more opportunities to present the Gospel and to even pray with those who were hurting, than she had in years.

Every day we were invited to eat lunch which allowed us to sit and talk with even more people. On Friday, several people we’d gotten closer to and some of the Christians stayed after lunch for an impromptu hymn singing time. Our “good-byes” were hard to say.

We did not have the number of home visitations we had expected, but did have the opportunity to show the Lord’s love to one woman by home visits, witnessing to her and several phone calls throughout the week. Then we spent time with another dear Christian lady who needed encouragement during her time of grief.

We enjoyed visiting with Scott and Ruth Hill and Katie and Jonathan. The kids have grown and matured in wonderful ways. They are active in the local Cherokee Youth Council even though they aren’t Native Americans, the Tribal Council has chosen them as examples of what they want their youth to look like in the community. Scott and Ruth are very involved in community activities and MTW has brought on a couple to work with the local Cherokee Youth. The teen population is having an explosion of drug related deaths and other issues. Each week the Teams coming to work are making more connections to the community and communicating the news of God’s love for them.

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