Salinas Prayer Letter for June – Jehovah Jireh

Salinas Prayer Letter for June – Jehovah Jireh

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As we are preparing to return this week back to Mexico we are so very grateful to God for His Provision.

Solidifying the Vision

Praise the Lord the down payment for the land for the Discipleship Training Center has been made, the paper, which took 2 months of hard work are all in order, and a gift has been made to generously aid in the plans for the building.  While we have been in the States, it has been more solidified in Guillermo’s mind how to clearly, and transparently administrate and responsibly lead in this endeavor to train faithful men to become Biblical church planters and strengthen women to serve.  The program we will be using, ISOM, has already been accepted by the Mexican Presbyterian Church for training men for ordination.  Please continue to pray for guidance in all the important decisions that a virtual Discipleship Training Center will be established that will Glorify God!

El “Burrito” is Coming to Life!!!

When we rented a van to transport the puppet/drama team to Guadalajara and train 3 other teams, we named the van “El Burrito”.  On our return trip, we all agreed it would be great to have our own “burrito”!  More and more churches have been asking us to train puppet teams.  Since we have been in the States, the drama team has had to rent cabs and ride public vans to get to the presentations.  

Now we are seeing the possibility of a “burrito” of our own to serve the King!  One of our supporting churches has graciously made a pledge of $5000.00 to be matched by our other supporters toward the purchase of a good used van to transport 13 people and equipment.

In faith we are trusting God to move in the hearts of our supporters to prayerfully consider together matching the other $5000.00 with whatever God puts on their hearts.  God never ceases to amaze us with His provision through so many of you.

If you would like to give any amount toward this fund, you can send it to PEF with the gift earmarked to The Uncle Hank Fund (the fund for the drama/puppet team that is in our account).
We thank God already for His provision and we thank all of you for your prayers to bring “El Burrito” to reality!

Hats in the Air

We actually came to the States for the graduation of our two youngest children, Billy and Stephanie Anne!  It was more than wonderful to witness their graduation as having been home schooled through high school, we have weathered with the the many storms brought their way!  God is good and faithful to bring them through to this landmark!
We thank so many of you as we know that you have prayed through the years for our “miniature” missionaries, who are no longer miniature!  Please don’t stop praying for all of our children!

For the Beauty of the Earth – Grateful Praise

When we came to the States in April, we had no idea that Jennie would need surgery for cataracts.  This news rapidly filled up an already very busy schedule and the saga that consequently emerged in getting it done was complicated in the least!
But thanks be to God and the several Drs. involved, everything is looking great! God’s creation is so much clearer and brighter than before.  It brings to mind how Paul says that we see darkly now as in a mirror, but then we will see face to face!  Can’t wait for that day!

Full and Running over…….

This Sat. , June 24, we will be making our return trip to Mexico.  If you could look in our van you would catch a glimpse of all the provisions of God since we came here.
We have puppets, speakers, light equipment, hats from many nations.  The Agape Puppets has supplied over $2000.00 dollars in puppet equipment to use and train other puppet teams in Mexico.
God has been faithful .  We did have to rebuild our transmission but if it had to be, it happened in a good place and we are excited to say that we have definitely seen God’s provision in this.
The road back can be very dangerous and Guillermo will have a car full of ladies as 2 of our daughters, Amanda and Stephanie Anne, will be returning with us with 2 of their friends for a short while.
Praise God with us as our God is a God who provides!

It has always been a joy to watch how God works strengthening and binding together the members of the drama-puppet team as they present the puppets and teach through drama, but what a great delight it has been for me to see the pictures and hear the reports of what God has done through them while we have been these last 3 months in the States.  They have worked even harder than before and the fruit is the evidence.  They have presented the Gospel through puppets at the county trash dump, for the city of Pantla and in neighborhood outreaches with the church.  They are also working hard to present a drama in the jail of how God takes the ordinary and does the extraordinary! I thank God for your prayers for these faithful men and women!