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Our MTW Missionaries – Chambers Caribbean March Update

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I want to be able to share with you the ministry of Mission to the World (MTW) in the Caribbean without detracting from the ministry in Belize.  So, this will be the first of a mid-month update to share with you the ministries that we give oversight to throughout the Caribbean.

What exactly are we responsible for?  Garry continues as the country director for Belize but has passed on the daily in-country responsibilities to Mike Cosner who is the Belize Team Leader.  Garry also leads the advisory council for the Caribbean ministries which meets monthly to review the ministries of the Caribbean and give Garry wisdom and input as he leads and develops the Caribbean region for MTW.

The Caribbean ministries consist of the following:

 Cuba: Richard and Robyn Crane are MTW’s point persons for ministry in Cuba.  Richard, Robyn and others have been traveling to Cuba over the past 10 years to lead seminars and training for national pastors which has seen a denomination be revitalized through the teaching of grace.  Richard completed a two-year program to train 47 Christian family counselors from local churches.  He recently began a new round of classes with 34 students, however this time some of the former students are teaching classes with Richard’s assistance.

 Dominican Republic:  Omar and Jennifer Cedeño arrive in the Dominican Republic last July.  Jennifer is teaching 1st graders at Santiago Christian School and Omar is working with high school boys.  The school has a cross-section of Christian and non-Christian students.  Evangelism and discipleship are key aspects of their ministry.  Omar is also working with reformed pastors as we plan to assist in theological education and church-planting.

 Haiti:  Esaie and Natacha Etienne head up MTW’s ministry in Haiti.  Three churches have been started and in Docine village 300 students attend a Christian primary school.  Several short-term medical teams assist in the church planting effort each year.  Docine is a voodoo stronghold and there was no school in the village.  Pastor Francouer says that before the school existed he would hear the children singing voodoo songs in the village, now he hears them singing “Jesus loves me this I know.”  Anita and I have had the privilege of being speakers for the summer family retreat for the churches in Haiti several times.

 Puerto Rico:  MTW missionaries, Joe and Beverly Fitzpatrick, have had exciting opportunities as Joe’s ministry includes theological education.  A local pastor of a prosperity gospel church began reading RC Sproul books and was convicted of teaching a false gospel.  When he announced that he would no longer teach the prosperity gospel a large number of people left the church.  He asked Joe to teach his church staff reformed theology on Saturday mornings.  They opened the classes to the congregation and now over 100 people attend a 2-3 hour training each Saturday morning.

 Next month we will share more of the MTW Caribbean ministries with you.  Please be in prayer for countries and ministers mentioned above.  Ask God to build His Church in the Caribbean.

Garry & Anita Chambers

Spring in Panama

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Anita and I head back to Atlanta area (our home base for Home Ministry Assignment) tomorrow after 22 days traveling to Cuba, Haiti, and also to Miami to attend a missions conference.  The trip to Cuba was very helpful in better understanding the ministry Mission to the World (MTW) has had over the past 10 years as well as gaining a better understanding of the joys and struggles of the Church in Cuba.  The Haiti trip was a good time relationship building, meetings, ministry, and fellowship in Gonaives, La Plain, Les Cayes, Bonne Fin, and Jeremie.  I will share more about these trips in another message later this month.

We were saddened to receive news that someone broke into the clinic in Belize over the weekend of the 17-19 of February.  Five laptop computers and a small amount of cash was taken from the clinic.  Please pray for the staff as they replace and setup the programs for the pharmacy, dental x-ray, etc.  Unfortunately more security measures will need to be taken to protect the clinic.  If you would like to contribute to assist in covering these costs you can go to and click on “projects” in the “Give” list.  Enter Project #90603 Belize Medical Clinic or you can send a check to Mission to the World, PO Box 2589, Suwanee, GA 30024-0982.  Make the check payable to Mission to the World and put the Project # 90603 in the memo line.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Juan Patt as he recovers from surgery.  He is doing well and is looking forward to getting back to his full ministry schedule.

Mike Cosner will be helping to lead two short-term teams this month.  Both teams are students from Reformed University Fellowship groups.  Please be praying as the teams serve in Cristo Rey and Belize City.

Several people have asked us about our long-term plans now that we are leaving Belize.  Mission to the World asked us to serve as the coordinator for the Caribbean ministries of MTW.  I began this role January 2015 while we continued to serve in Belize and I will continue as the Country Director for Belize while Mike Cosner is the Belize Team Leader.  Mike will be recruiting new missionary personnel to serve in Belize particularly in the areas of ministry with our national pastors, mercy ministry in Belize City, assisting with short-term teams, and serving medically at the clinic.  Please be praying for Mike as he leads this ministry aspect.

I will work with an advisory council giving leadership and direction of all of the Caribbean ministries and theological educators who teach in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.  Both Anita and I will be developing ministries with Haitians living throughout the Caribbean which will include, biblical and theological training, medical and mercy ministry, evangelism, and church growth.  Garry looks forward to strengthening, expanding, and further developing MTW’s ministries throughout the Caribbean.  We are very excited to have the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

Please pray for the clinic, Pastor Juan Patt, and all the ministries of the Church in Belize.  The March Prayer Calendar is attached as a tool to assist you in praying for Belize.  Pray for physical strength and health for us as we conclude our trip tomorrow.  Ask God to also supply additional monthly and one-time gift support needs for us.  Thank you for your faithful financial and prayer support!

In His service,

Garry and Anita