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Update on AGAPE Bihar

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We are so excited to share with you all the Lord has been doing in Bihar this past month!

Kevin Turner has returned to India with Doug Dorman and Your Next Step Ministries.  They are there this week teaching through Romans with a group of pastors and evangelists.  Victor and Pastor Chhotlal were able to fly to the conference and take part in this great teaching!  This was Pastor Chhotlal’s first experience on an airplane.  He is pastor of a 250 member church in Bihar, and also the roaming pastor over 15 other churches there.  We are praying for finances to begin building a church building for his 250 member congregation.  They are in danger of persecution because their number has grown so large and they currently meet in an outside open air covering.  Having a church building would give them privacy and would not attract the attention that meeting outside brings.  The estimated cost of building a church is $4000.

The Lord has provided much interest and support through the sharing of our trip to Bihar last October.  We have 2 new sponsors for Aimee’s Kids children.  All 18 children plus their caretakers each received a new blanket, sweater and mat for sleeping on for Christmas!  We have received pledges for salary for the 2 teachers that have already begun part-time teaching of the children starting last November.  They were so excited that they began teaching on a volunteer basis.  Now that we have the pledges for their pay, the children will be taught full-time at the Aimee’s Kids’ home, now known in their village as “The Lighthouse.”  Being taught at home will keep the children from being inundated daily with Hindu teaching.  Also, it is giving Agape Bihar a trial run at running a private school to see if the Lord would call them to begin a private school open to the public in the future

Sudonsu is a new believer of about 9 months.  He is a construction worker and has helped as a volunteer with much of the work that was done on the inside of Aimee’s Kids’ home.  He also assists Geeta with bringing Aimee’s Kids back and forth to Patna on the 6 hour train rides.  He has always wanted a guitar, so while we were there, he showed us the guitar he had made himself. (It did not actually play but he was quite proud of it!)  Someone donated money for a real guitar for him this Christmas and he was incredibly surprised and excited, saying that he promised to learn to play it well.  We had also given him one of the “Treasure” Bible mp3 players while we were there as we see the Lord working greatly in his life and believe he may be a pastor one day

We met this beautiful lady, Rita, while we were visiting Sita and Aarti’s village.  She became a believer through Sita sharing the gospel with her.  She and her family live in the dwelling below.  After seeing her “home,” a couple was touched by the Lord to give $1000 to build walls on her home, protecting her family from the harsh weather conditions in Bihar.  The Lord told me to tell her, “I am the God Who sees you.”  Gen. 16:13  Geeta was able to share this incredible news with Rita over the phone of an elder.  Rita sat speechless and amazed at the love of Jesus!  You see, only one week ago, she had gone to visit the elder of her church.  She was so bitterly cold and did not know how she could endure it any longer.  The elder prayed with her and asked Jesus to build walls on her house.  Now, in only one week’s time, the Lord had answered her prayer!   Victor says this act of love and provision of the Lord for His children will be a great testimony to others!  It is a testimony to all of us as well.  When talking to the donor today, she shared that ever since she had seen the photo of Rita, with no walls on her home, and with the cold we are experiencing, she could not get her off of her mind.  She had seen her photo on New Year’s Day.  We have realized that the Lord was already working, that He gave Rita and that elder the prayer to speak, because He was already in the process of answering it.  He wanted us all to know that it was His Plan, His timing, His desire, His Prayer He planted in their hearts, His provision, and His great love for His children.  We are praying for additional funds to make her home a little larger as well.  Rita, her husband, their son and his wife, and three grandchildren share this one small room.  Knowing Jesus will provide exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.  All praise to Jesus and to Him alone!

Sewing Seeds of Hope has been busy designing and making 2 shirts to send back with Kevin.  Becky will take these and try to determine if there is a market for them here in the States.  If so, similar shirts will be made by the women in the sewing centers, sent here to Becky, and sold.  100% of the profits will be sent back to the sewing centers to be used to buy more material and also to be divided among the women for income.  A couple has pledged $200/month to Sewing Seeds of Hope to purchase 2 new electric sewing machines each month.  This will make production much more efficient and cost productive.

Additionally, funds were donated for warm clothes for the evangelists and for 7 new bicycles.

Donations through individuals at Surfside Presbyterian the month of December are as follows:

$350 – Bicycles for evangelists
$20 – Sewing Seeds of Hope
$500 – Warm clothing for evangelists
$895 – Aimee’s Kids
$45 – Guitar

I hope you will be as blessed and as challenged as I was to walk out our faith daily despite our circumstances.

Bihar, India – Victor and Geeta

Missions by Fred Cook (Cuzco, Peru)

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On November 11, 2016, 8 people set out on a missions-building trip to Cuzco, Peru. One of the members, Fred Cook has written the following:

“Mission trips happen when one or two people commit to the task of organizing and encouraging others to go. If we as a church desire to participate in our missionaries’ work, then it takes people, like Bill Day, to pick a date and start working to that end.

I wasn’t a lot of help getting everything ready to go. If Bill needed any assistance, he should have cancelled Hurricane Matthew. I appreciate his diligence in scouting rates and times and communicating with the Powlisons and the team. I’ve probably averaged 12 + hours a day of insurance claims work since Matthew hit, including several hours the morning we left.

If you want to go on a trip, do what it takes spiritually, financially, assisting to the leaders and, on your end, making sure that you can go.

Nancy and I have known the Powlisons better than most of the church’s missionaries. We’ve hosted then while they visited the church, entertained their girls, and corresponded with them some over the years. You may have seen their presentation, or even maybe talked with them, but there is nothing like sitting in their home, eating meals with them, laughing and joking with the whole family, attending their church and working side by side with them. Want to know and understand a missionary? Take a mission trip.

Plan on working; not being a missionary tourist. We sawed lumber, drilled holes, fastened nuts and bolts, (measured twice and still made some mistakes), disassembled, reassembled, and dug some of the hardest dirt. Because all of this activity was at 11,200 feet, we got winded easily, rotated the work to allow frequent breaks and ached. Some of us taught Bible lessons, sang songs with kids, and played red light/green light with the children in Josephine’s House. We all were grabbed by kids, flipped kids upside down, tickled their tummies, and found pleasure in their antics.

We also found pain in their circumstances. A 5 year old muddled in mind and body by fetal alcohol syndrome. Ceaselessly struggling to his feet, drawing a bead on someone and raggedly stumbling to them. Then flinging his arms around their waist laughing and grinning with delight. Then drawing a bead on his next target and off again. Forever a child, but at age 5, finally walking. We saw young boys and girls, well taken care of by loving and caring staff. Better than before, but no forever parents. The wages of sin is all too apparent in the circumstances of the child. Want to be smitten by the penalty of sin and feel the need to cry out for the hope and the power of your God? Take a mission trip.

We left the playground much further along, but still in need of work. We could have sent the money instead and bought several times the amount of work, but we would not have

been touched by the Holy Spirit in the same way as we have. We did get to see some of the sights in Peru, we heard foreign sounds, smelled and tasted new things. We enjoyed a brief comradery as a team, some of which will continue. God touched our hearts and souls. Can we keep it alive?

Does this sound like something you need in your life? Take a mission trip. Be bold. Does it have to be so far away? Maybe start in Socastee, Myrtle Beach, or Surfside Beach. It’s a lot cheaper and no five hour red-eye.

Our many thanks to the individuals that contributed to the team members and to those who contribute the missions program at the church, which helped fund this project.” Maybe you’d like to start somewhere closer to home, then work with the Hill’s in Cherokee this coming July 15-22. Contact Nancy Cook (843-222-5677) or the Missions Committee and you be the one that makes it happen.

Happy New Year from Belize

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Anita and I do want to wish you a happy New Year!  We are thankful for God’s faithfulness in 2016 and look forward to seeing His faithfulness again in 2017.  We are excited to be a part of what God is doing in Belize and the entire Caribbean region.  This past week has been filled with saying goodby to our Belizean co-laborers, friends, and “adopted” family.  Although we will travel back to Belize in April for meetings it is still hard to know that we will not be living full-time in Belize.  We are confident that the ministry will continue on and that the foundations laid will allow the church to continue to grow and mature in the years to come.  We look forward to continued involvement in the ministry in Belize.

As we return to the U.S. on Wednesday we will begin a 6 month Home Ministry Assignment (HMA) as we also keep up with ministry in the Caribbean.  If your church is having a missions conference or would like a report on the ministry in Belize and the Caribbean please let us know.  Anita will serve on a medical team in Trinidad January 14-22, and both of us will travel to Cuba February 9-13.  I will be making a trip to Haiti February 16-25 and have the privilege of our oldest daughter, Caryann joining me on the trip.  Caryann was six weeks old when we moved to Haiti in 1982 and was going into her sophomore year of high school when we left Haiti in 1997.

How can you pray for us at this time?  1)  For strength as we say our goodbys during our last three days in Belize.  2) Wisdom as we set up visits with supporters and also seek some new support.  3) Wisdom is also needed as Garry evaluates and makes decisions regarding several ministries in the Caribbean region in the next few months.  4) We are excited to be looking at ministry with Haitian communities throughout the Caribbean.  We need guidance as we make plans on how to minister in locations such as the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas where MTW has ministries that interface with Haitian communities.  5) Please pray that God will raise up new missionaries to serve in Belize, both at the clinic and directly with the churches and their leaders.

Again thank you so much for your faithful prayer and financial giving that allows us to be a part of God’s plan to build His church in Belize and the Caribbean throughout the coming year! Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”  May this be true of the ministries we are involved with during the coming year!

Garry and Anita

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